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96mm Multi-Position Riser, Aluminum (Multi-Mount)

  • Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Construction
  • Industry Standard 96mm Pull Stud Spacing
  • Adaptable Design for Machining Setup
  • Hardened Steel Internals for Precision and Durability
  • Integrated Multi-Position RockLock Riser
  • Accommodates One Large Vise or Two Smaller Vises


Constructed with aerospace-grade aluminum, the RockLock base embodies the perfect blend of versatility and robust durability. Its industry standard 96mm pull stud spacing ensures a seamless fit into your machining setup, reducing unnecessary bulk while maximizing workspace efficiency. One of the standout features of this system is its adaptability. Inside the RockLock base, you’ll find hardened steel internals that are engineered for precision and longevity. The RL96A-4816 is an integrated multi-position RockLock riser built into one of the largest adapters in the product line. Utilize one large vise or accommodate two smaller vises with this riser.