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Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the Right Product

Yes, our local sales representatives have demo kits available. Check the Factory Reps page to find a representative near you.

All of our top tooling kits can fit on either the 96mm or 52mm RockLock system. The appropriate top tooling setup for you will depend on your stock size and application. You can use the 3D Compatibility Tool to see what top tooling options fit your machine table. Each product page also includes a link to a 3D model: Use this in programming to test for interference.

Please contact for all tombstone inquiries.

Finding the appropriate RockLock plates depends on getting a table drawing for your machine. (You can also use our 3D Compatibility Tool to see what RockLocks fit on a list of common machine tables.) From your machine table drawing, we can determine whether your machine would have direct fit or require modification to our standard products. The mounting information for our standard product can be found in our catalog or on each RockLock product page. If you cannot figure out the necessary mounting information, please contact

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Our email address is or you can call +1 858 505-0432 for additional information.

Any item within the warranty period that is out of tolerance or defective may be exchanged or repaired. Items returned UNUSED and in original packaging will be fully refunded. If items are USED, MODIFIED, and/or not otherwise covered by the warranty, we are committed to providing a fair value assessment and giving the customer the MOST we can credit based upon product usage and condition. We make every effort to work with the customer and troubleshoot or offer alternatives. If there is no resolution and a customer is unhappy, we will take the return and do our best to accommodate each unique situation. We stand by the quality of our products and thank you for your support of 5th Axis Workholding.

All our products are manufactured in San Diego, CA.

All 5th Axis Inc. Workholding products are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for (1) year. Products deemed defective during the (1) year period shall be replaced without charge providing such defect is due to faulty material or workmanship and not caused by tampering, abuse, misapplication or improper installation. Failure to properly maintain and/or properly operate the product or part under normal conditions will void this warranty. This warranty does not cover any product or part that has been: worn out; abused; heated; ground or otherwise altered; used for a purpose other than that for which it was intended; or used in a manner inconsistent with any instructions regarding its use. Should a piece of equipment require major component replacement or repair during the warranty period, it will be handled in one of two ways: 1. If the Purchaser elects to take the responsibility of repairing the equipment and requests replacement part(s), the Purchaser or Sales Representative must contact the Factory for return authorization and a purchase order must be issued. Replacement part(s) will be promptly shipped and invoiced. The defective part(s) must be returned to the factory for inspection. If the defect(s) were due to faulty material or workmanship, credit will be issued to the customer. 2. The equipment can be returned to the 5th Axis factory to have the inspections, parts replacements and testing performed by factory personnel. Should it be necessary to return a piece of equipment or parts to the factory, the customer or sales representative must obtain authorization from the factory. If upon inspection at the factory, the defect was due to faulty material or workmanship, all repairs will be made at no cost to the customer during the warranty period. 5th Axis shall be limited to the replacement or repair of any 5th Axis product or part provided that such an item is returned to 5th Axis, transportation, shipping and postal charges prepaid, and there determined by 5th Axis to be covered by the warranty contained herein. The customer will assume all risk of loss or damage to product while in transit to 5th Axis. THE ABOVE WARRANTY IS EXCLUSIVE, SUPERCEDES AND IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS. NO PERSON, AGENT OR DEALER IS AUTHORIZED TO GIVE ANY WARRANTIES ON BEHALF OF THE MANUFACTURER, OR TO ASSUME FOR THE MANUFACTURER ANY OTHER LIABILITY IN CONNECTION WITH ANY OF ITS PRODUCTS UNLESS MADE IN WRITING AND SIGNED BY AN OFFICIAL OF THE MANUFACTURER.

Product Information

Yes, pull studs can be machined directly into your existing fixturing. Sub-plates can be fabricated to adapt your existing tooling to the RockLock system.

The self-centering repeatability of the vise is less than 0.0005″ (0.0127 mm).

‘Soft jaws’ (in steel or aluminum) are machinable, meant to be cut to the profile of the workpiece for secondary operations.

The hardness of the jaw is 55 HRC.

A ‘Master Jaw’ or ‘Hard Jaw’ is the hardened steel jaw with the dovetail and serrated teeth that comes standard with our vises.

The hardness of the vise body is 40 HRC.

All 5th Axis products utilize a 45 degree dovetail. We also offer picatinny fixtures in the Dovetail Fixture product section.

A dovetail fixture holds the stock with dovetail cuts. Our dovetail fixtures have a very small profile, which allows more accessibility to the stock material. All of 5th Axis dovetail angles are 45 degree, and there is dovetail stock prep document for each fixture.

Poka Yoke is a Japanese term for mistake-proof. We offer Poka Yoke pull studs to prevent operators from misloading vises and fixtures.

Top tooling generally includes anything that mounts to the RockLock system. If it includes pull studs, it’s top tooling. We offer a variety of top tooling setups, ranging from self-centering vises to multi-fixture pyramids and more in the Products section.

The master alignment pallet is used to align the center bore and the axial positions of the RockLock plates.

The repeatability of RockLock is less than 0.0003″ (0.00762 mm)

The R96-CER40 fixture allows secure holding of round parts with RockLock system.

RockLock is a patented 4 pull stud system that mechanically locks vises, fixtures, tooling, etc and allows for quick and accurate change over. 5th Axis RockLock fixtures utilize the industry standard 96mm/52mm pull stud spacing. This ensures 100% compatibility with Lang, Jergens, Gerardi, Schunk and Gressel 4 pull stud systems. The RockLock quick-change system can be mounted in almost all 3, 4, 5 Axis tables