Ready to Rock


Standardize your fixturing & programming with the Rocklock setup.

Example shown on a Haas Control [G154]

[ 1 ]

Install RockLock Plates.

Starting with an empty machine table, install 5th Axis 3613S plates for your specific table.

Space plates 3″ (76.2mm) apart from each other. Use a mallet to initially align and straighten plates.

[ 2 ]

Load Master Pallet.

Install master pallet (RL96-MP) in center position (P89, P92, P95, P98) to indicate straight. Once aligned and indicated straight, torque mounting bolts to secure plate to the table.

For every position, install master pallet and set X and Y axes with touch probe or indicator for each work offset position.

[ 3 ]

Part Zero Set.

Part zero set as the top mounting surface of the Rocklock 3613S base for all Z-height work offsets.

[ 4 ]

Simplify Programming.

X,Y, and Z offsets have been established and saved. Programming for new jobs is a breeze with the established master gauge locations.

[ 5 ]

Swap Tooling Effortlessly.

Quickly and accurately change top tooling. Job changeover becomes simple and repeatable with the RockLock system, saving you time and money.