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Integrated RockLock Pyramid (96mm)

  • • 3-Sided (96mm Quick Change) Pyramid
  • • Ideal for Increasing throughput on Multi-axis Machines
  • • Designed and optimized for 5-Axis Universal Machines


RL96A-P320 Pyramids – a cutting-edge solution designed for seamless compatibility with 96mm RockLock top tooling, elevating the versatility of your machining setup.

What sets this new and improved version apart is its fully integrated 96mm RockLock system, ensuring enhanced functionality and a sleek, low-profile design. The innovative design allows for effortless mounting of top tooling in both vertical and horizontal orientations, providing you with unparalleled flexibility for various machining applications.

To guarantee a perfect fit for your machine, please remember to specify your machine make and model when placing an order. Experience precision and adaptability like never before with the RL96A-P320 Pyramids.