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300mm Three-Sided RockLock Tombstone, Aluminum

  • Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Construction
  • Industry Standard 96mm Pull Stud Spacing
  • Designed for Mid-Sized 5-Axis Machines
  • Perfect Fit for 300mm Horizontal Machining Centers
  • All Units Include Hardened Steel Internals and Locating Features


The Worlds 1st Integrated Quick-Change CNC Tombstone

Maximize your machining processes with the 300mm fully integrated 96mm RockLock Quick-Change CNC Tombstone from 5th Axis. Designed with the modern machinist in mind, this advanced four-sided aluminum tombstone offers unparalleled versatility and performance, ensuring that your production process is both swift and seamless.

Key Features:

Innovative Quick-Change System: The 96mm RockLock Quick-Change mechanism allows for rapid switching between different setups, drastically reducing downtime and enhancing productivity. The 96mm interface ensures a secure and repeatable lock, guaranteeing consistent accuracy with every change.

Robust Construction: Crafted from high-quality aluminum, this tombstone combines lightweight properties with exceptional durability. The material choice not only reduces the overall weight but also provides excellent resistance to corrosion, making it ideal for rigorous machining environments.

Superior Clamping Force: The RockLock system ensures an outstanding clamping force, providing the stability needed for heavy-duty machining operations. This stability reduces vibrations and enhances the precision of your cuts, leading to superior quality in your finished products.

Flexible Configuration: The 96mm RockLock Quick-Change CNC Tombstone is compatible with a wide range of fixtures and vises, offering you the flexibility to tailor your setup according to the specific requirements of your projects. Whether you are working on small batches or high-volume production, this tombstone adapts to your needs.

Easy Integration: Designed for seamless integration with your existing CNC machinery, this tombstone simplifies the setup process, allowing you to get up and running quickly. Its user-friendly design ensures that even complex configurations can be achieved with minimal effort.


Aerospace Manufacturing: Precision and efficiency are crucial in the aerospace industry. The RockLock Quick-Change CNC Tombstone facilitates high-accuracy machining of complex components, ensuring top-tier quality.

Automotive Parts Production: Increase the speed and accuracy of automotive component manufacturing with this versatile tombstone, perfect for both prototyping and mass production.

Medical Device Fabrication: For the stringent demands of medical device production, this tombstone offers the reliability and precision needed to produce intricate parts with consistent quality.

Why Choose 5th Axis?

At 5th Axis, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that enhance your machining capabilities. Our 96mm RockLock Quick-Change CNC Tombstone is a testament to our dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Experience the difference that superior engineering and thoughtful design can make in your manufacturing process.