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52mm Master Gauging Pallet

  • Essential tool for setting up the RockLock quick-change system.
  • Hardened and precision-milled for utmost accuracy.
  • Easily positions the RockLock baseplate on your machine, ensuring precise setup.


Invest in the future of machining with our 5th Axis 52mm Quick Change Top Tooling System. Stay competitive, boost your productivity, and achieve exceptional results in your machining operations. Trust in our commitment to quality, precision, and innovation, and take your machining capabilities to new heights today. The master gauging pallet is an essential tool to setting up the RockLock quick-change system. The gauging pallet is hardened and precision milled to ensure the upmost accuracy when setting up the RockLock system. Simply locate your RockLock baseplate onto your machine, drop the master pallet into position and utilize the precision surfaces to indicate in your cnc machine.