Pin Vise (75mm x 111.6mm x 25mm)

  • Size: 75mm x 111.6mm x 25mm
  • RockLock compatibility: 96mm
  • The double-station pin vise
  • Extreme low-profile design
  • Light weight- Great for tombstones + Automation
  • Serrated gripper teeth with optional dovetail built in
  • Direct mount from top down with SHCS and Dowels


Size: Size: 75mm x 111.6mm x 25mm
Jaw Width: 75mm
Clamping Range: 80: 0.25” – 0.50”, 100: 0.50” – 0.75”, MAX: 1.00” CUSTOMER PURCHASED HARDWARE, *Off the shelf M12 SHCS can be purchased in varying lengths extend the clamping range.
Max Torque: 35 ft lb
Clamping Force at Max Torque: 3708 lbf
Weight: 4 lbs
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