Master Alignment Pallet

Precision Alignment Tool for the RockLock­™ System
8 µm Repeatability

Setup the RockLock System

In order to achieve the highest level of accuracy, the Master Pallet is used to align the RockLock base with your CNC machine.

Ensure High Repeatability

Once the RockLock base is mounted onto the machine and bolts are snugged, the Master Pallet is installed and a probe or indicator is used to establish work offsets.

Simplify Programming

Established work offsets help speed up programming time when adjusting for different jobs and top tooling.

3-Axis Setup

Establish X, Y, and Z offsets.

4-Axis Setup

Establish X, Y, Z + A offsets.

5-Axis Setup

Establish X, Y, Z, A + C offsets.