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Get a grip with the X Series Vises from 5th Axis

5th Axis continues to take workholding the next level with latest technology advancements of the X Series self-centering vises. X Series vises deliver increased clamping force, rigidity, and accuracy, all while maintaining a compact footprint.

The new patented X Series self-centering vises features 4 jaw bolt mounting

4 bolt jaw mounting increases clamping force and rigidity by 30% compared to the original 2 bolt version.

This new jaw style is an improvement on the original vise. By adding two additional forward mounting screws, 5th Axis engineering was able to dramatically reduce deflection and set a new industry standard for quality and performance.

Higher accuracy

The X Series features a redesigned truck with a key and dowel pin for better accuracy and repeatability.  The addition of a keyed truck is a major design advancement for the line of self-centering vises. The key prevents much of the potential deflection that occurs when clamping on material of different materials and sizes.

Compact footprint

The X Series vises maintain the same overall height, width, and length as the original design.  The vise mounting also matches the original design, making the X Series a perfect “drop-in” replacement vise for existing customers.

Common Questions about transitioning to the new X Series vises:

Is there a price increase?

  • No, there is no change to the price.

Can I still order the original V562 / V562M / V510M?

  • Yes, we will still continue to support the V562 / V562M / V510M but we recommend the updated X-series for increased clamping force and better rigidity.

Will I need to adjust existing programs for the original vise, do I need to change the Program?

  • The x-series vise jaws are wider in one direction, so the tools paths should be checked for clearance.

Does the X-series mount the same as the old version?

  • Yes, both vises can be direct mounted and mounted with RockLock quick change pull studs.

Is the overall height the same?

  • Yes.

Is the X Series vise inch or metric?

  • The X Series is both! It features both inch and metric alignment features.

Can I convert my legacy vises to X Series?

  • Yes! Upgrades are available. Contact 5th Axis to make the arrangements today!

What are the clamping ranges for the X Series vises?


  • Forward jaws: 8.3mm – 78.00mm [0.362” – 3.07”]
  • Reverse jaws: 60.3mm – 128.0mm [2.37” – 5.03”]


  • Forward jaws: 8.3mm – 184.7mm [0.326” – 7.24”]
  • Reverse jaws: 60.3mm – 234.7mm [2.37” – 9.24”]

For more information on 5th Axis X Series Self-Centering Vises, please visit axis.local.

For assistance in selecting the correct RockLock base and vises for your machine tool make and model, please visit our 3D Compatibility Tool, See what fits your machine