Automation Hardware Simplified

Robot Compatible

5th Axis automation hardware is compatible with most major industrial robots and cobots on the market today.

Pneumatic Grippers
& Chucks

A refined design, made to get your automation cell up and running quickly.

Shelving &

Fixture exchange simplifies the automation process. Dedicated shelving with 52mm & 96mm spacing makes setup and changeover a breeze.

Pneumatic Chucks

Rack and shelf kits

Tailored Grippers

Transport Cleats

Robust Automation Hardware.


RockLock automation hardware features industry standard 52mm and 96mm spacing.  Pallet loading without the need for a pallet!

The benefit of fixture exchange is the robot programming.  Because the robot is always picking up from the same point, there is no need for different grippers or changing the robot program based on individual parts.

Pneumatic RockLock™ receiver chucks come with industry standard 52mm or 96mm mounting, along with bottom or side air-port options. Lifters on the unit assist robot in picking and placing the tooling, and can also provide a burst of clean air to remove chips. 


Low profile cleats are offered in two weight capacities 12kg and 25kg. Create new fixtures or easily retrofit and add to new top tooling setups to your project with ease. 

5th Axis grippers are offered in 12kg and 25kg options compatible with the low profile cleats and RockLock™ Products. The grippers have a high quality Schunk body and 5-axis machined hardened gripper fingers for durability. 

Our automation rack and shelf kits are simple to assemble and flexible by design, making it easy to customize your setup. The shelves are reversible to fit 52mm and 96mm RockLock™ products. Create a rack and shelf kit that is customized for your manufacturing needs.

Universal Robot Compatibility

5th Axis hardware is built to be universal and compatible with the most popular industrial robots on the market today. 


No, the RockLock automation system is designed to let you choose the robot brand and integrator that best suits your needs. All components work with most popular industrial robots and co-bots.

Typically, the payload of your robot will determine which size you choose. Lighter weight top tooling with a smaller envelope can utilize the 12Kg gripper, cleat and RockLock 52.
Larger envelopes and heavier components should use the 25Kg gripper and cleat along with RockLock 96.

Pro Tip: It is always a great idea to factor future capacity into this decision!

Absolutely! The system is designed with open sourcing in mind. Use 5th Axis top tooling, convert workholding you already own, make home-grown palletized solutions…the sky is the limit!

You should only use a pneumatic RockLock base without lifters on a 4th Axis application. The lifters help the robot pick and place tooling as well as providing a burst of cleaning air to keep the chuck free of debris.

Since the pneumatic RockLock base is spring-to-close, air-to-open it only requires 80 – 120 PSI to operate (approximately 6-8 bar).

No. Pneumatic RockLock bases cannot have ports changed or converted. It is important you select the correct model to start. Please contact us for assistance.

No. The gripper does not come with sensors. Based on the integration, you may or may not need them.
Also, the pneumatic RockLock base does not come with an inline sensor for clamp confirmation. All will need to be purchased separately.

You can use either! The pneumatic RockLock base comes with 1/8″ NPT fittings. Connectors can be inch or metric!

Automation Top Tooling

Full line of automation-ready tooling coming soon.