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CERX-40 Collet Top Tooling

  • Tailored for round stock machining.
  • Utilizes ER40 collets to securely clamp different stock sizes.
  • Crafted from robust alloy steel for long-lasting performance.


Invest in the future of machining with our 5th Axis RockLock 96mm Quick Change Top Tooling System. Stay competitive, boost your productivity, and achieve exceptional results in your machining operations. Trust in our commitment to quality, precision, and innovation, and take your machining capabilities to new heights today. The R96-CERX-40 is the ideal solution for machining round stock in a vertical mill. The fixture is compatible with all standard ER40 collets allowing you to easily clamp different diameters of stock. The bodies are manufactured from hardened alloy steel to exacting standards.