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“It was a pleasure working with 5-axis for our project. They supplied all the drawings and products needed to integrate the pneumatic base with our DN solution DVF5000 5axis Machine center. The Rock Lock base, and 5-axis vices came with all the hardware and fasteners needed for installation. The shelving unit went up 10 minutes. The rack gave us precise locations for our Fanuc to interact with, allowing us to palletize our work for the 5axis Machine. I look forward to working with the 5-axis team again. They were always there to answer my questions..”
Adam Neffke
Syracuse Supply
We often need to jump from job to job, this allows us to just throw up a vise in an open spot and go. We have been utilizing standard offsets (center of RockLock, face of tombstone) so we rarely need to pick up offset anymore. Stole that from the 5th Axis Factory Tour video on YouTube. R2R 🤙 And to be honest…it's just a sexy piece of equipment!
Douglas Mackinnon
Continuous Improvement Engineer at Global Precision Products

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